Meet the new LPS Superintendent, Dr. Joel

Lincoln's new superintendent is getting right to work. We talked Dr. Steve Joel about his first day on the job. Dr. Joel is getting settled in and talking about what's in store for the upcoming school year. The latest addition to Lincoln Public Schools is Dr. Steve Joel. He's getting things on the shelves, and talking about his plans.

“We're gonna the ground running and the nice thing about starting July 1 officially is summer is more relaxed so I have an opportunity to collect my thoughts and start thinking about the messaging I'm going to bring,” Dr. Joel said.

One of his goals, spend time in the classroom getting to know the 60 plus schools and 35,000 students in the Lincoln Public School system. “I want people to know that I'm out and about I care very deeply about what's happening in the classroom and you know our teachers are our heroes.”

Dr. Joel is no stranger to the responsibility of a superintendent. He was the super of Grand Island public schools for 10 years. Originally from New York, Dr. Joel made the move to the Cornhusker state in 1972 and assures us by now he's a bonifide Husker fan. When he's not working you may catch him at a football game this fall. As the school year approaches.

He's focused on the future for what he says is already a district with a standard of excellence. “I listen I really want people to come to me with ideas, I'm not big on complaints without solutions but if you're listening to this and you have an idea about how we can be better tomorrow than we are today my door is open please bring that forward.”

It's a big job, but Dr. Joel says it's going to be a fun job. One of the ways he'll get in the classroom? He loves reading to kindergartners will try to do that throughout the school year.