Members Of Community List Concerns For Concealed Weapons Ban

After months of waiting, the Nebraska State Patrol has come up with concealed weapons regulations.

They held a public meeting Wednesday.

It gave the community members one last chance to look over the regulations.

The Nebraska State Patrol created the regulations to help them enforce the new concealed weapons law.   

Alan Hieronymus traveled from Sarpy County to talk about his concerns.  

He's trained hundreds of people to be responsible shooters.   

Hieronymus feels the regulations shouldn't hold the trainer responsible for explaining the legal consequences if a concealed carrier shoots someone in defense.   

He also thinks a hired Psychiatrist should be in the training program as well.

Right now, the regulations don't include legal and mental advice.   

A representative from the Nebraska Hospital Association says the regulations prohibits carrying a concealed weapon in emergency rooms or trauma centers.   

She says this leaves out many other medical services like urgent care.   

A concealed weapon's permit will be one-hundred-dollars.   

But, before getting approved to carry, you must get through the lengthy application and training process.  

The NSP will consider all comments and recommendations made by the public.   

They will make any needed adjustments to the regulations before the final version becomes official.

If you would like to see a version of the concealed carry regulations.   

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