Memorial To Be Held For Boy Scouts Killed In Tornado In Iowa

In honor of the four boy scouts who died at the Little Sioux Boy Scout Ranch, the local Cornhusker Council Boy Scout troop is planning a memorial for next Wednesday.

A flag continues to fly at half staff for this Boy Scout Day Camp.

A simple sign as leaders and scouts remember the four lives that were taken during the tornado.

Scout Leader Mike Hale says boy scouts are trained for every situation both small and big and if something similar happened locally, he is confident they would be prepared.

He says “If there's an emergency we'll sound out sirens that will be the cue for leaders and staff to find the lowest lying area and we request that they hunker down in these areas and cover their head then we'll send a staff member to let them know when it's all over.”

Hale said that what happened was truly an act of God, and that his thoughts are going out to all those affected.