Men’s Volleyball Exhibition

It's a sport seen in major cities across the globe, and played at the Olympics.  But it's also a sport that's not in Nebraska. Men's volleyball.

But this weekend that could all change.  They've got verticals like Lebron James and impeccable season records. But the two teams you're about to see are unlike any others in Nebraska. Ready…set…spike.

“My mom and dad have always like played it and they always bring me here and I just started getting kind of interested,” Tristian Korinek said.

Interested in serving this state one sport they've yet to see. Men's volleyball. And it's not an uncommon interest. Hundreds of people of all ages packed the Coliseum this evening to watch the battle between some of the nation's fiercest volleyball players…including a 2 time Olympian. And it's a battle match coordinator Dan Meske says is meant to show the state just what they're missing by not offering volleyball to boys.

“The men haven't had the opportunity to play the sport until they get to college, which is somewhat unfortunate,” Meske said.

Meske says the biggest difference between men's and women's volleyball is the net is 7 inches higher and there's a lot more kills and blocks. Differences that make the sport just as exciting as any men's sport says Meske… And just as worth while if it means getting young people involved.

“If they can play that their whole life it's going to make them just that much better to train the youth that's coming up in the sport. The earlier they can get exposed to it the more they can kind of get back to the sport,” Meske said.

If a young boy you know is interested in trying out men's volleyball… The men in the video will be out at the Abbot sports complex this Sunday to coach kids and get teams together.

Any boy from 1st to 12th grade is encouraged to come check it out and meet the men that are trying to change the face of volleyball.

That men's volleyball camp is this Sunday at 2 o'clock at the Abbot sports complex.