Meteorologist Sean McMullen discusses storm chasing

Posted By: KLKN Newsroom

Twisters spin out of control.  Each one destroys anything in its path.  Each one is followed by storm chasers.  “There are a couple different kinds of chasers.  There are your thrill seekers and there are your researchers,” said Sean McMullen.  

Channel 8 Eyewitness News meteorologist Sean McMullen knew professional storm chaser, Tim Samaras.  “Tim Samaras was definitely one of those researchers trying to better our knowledge of the severe weather events,” McMullen said.  Tim, his son, and their colleague died Friday after getting swept away in the tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma.     

McMullen said he’s noticed an increase in storm chasers in just the last few years.  He said they used to be professionally trained.  Now, he said more nonprofessionals are trying to get tornado video.  “I would advice you not to do it.  Your expertise is probably not really needed right now.  On top of that it is extremely dangerous,” McMullen said.