Meth Bust in Stromsburg

Three people were arrested Tuesday morning in connection with a meth lab in Stromsburg, about twenty miles north of York. The bust, which was next to a school, has left the community in shock.

Stromsburg is home to just over a thousand people, and now one less meth lab. Authorities from several agencies converged on a home in the rural town around ten thirty Tuesday morning. Inside they found what they are calling a substantial amount of the drug meth, and the tools used to make it. The three people arrested range in age from 22 all the way down to 16.

One of the most alarming things about the arrests is where they took place. Less than a half a block from the meth lab sits the town's junior high school. The three arrested in the case are being held in the Polk county jail. They face charges of drug possession, making the drug methanphetamine, and possessing a controlled substance near a school.