MetroGroup Jobs Leaving Seward

It sounds like bad news for the town of Seward Friday.

One of their biggest businesses is on the way out of town.

Nearly 300 employees could be looking for other jobs by the end of summer.  

The company is called MetroGroup.

It's transaction services unit will no longer do business in Seward.

It was sold to a corporation in Illinois.

One Seward resident, who we are not identifying, says when she heard she was going to lose her job she was mostly sad.

She says she's been with MetroGroup in seward for 8 years as a computer programmer and in that time her coworkers became a second family to her.

The company announced around 270 employees will eventually lose their jobs.

MetroGroup Transaction Services manages, produces and distrubutes business documents to millions of cosumers and businesses across the nation.

Because it was such a big employer for Seward, the town will feel the effects.

The company says  the unit is being sold to further sharpen its focus on marketing services and delivery process.

The Seward jobs will be going to sites in eastern Iowa and Illinois.

It is unknown when all the cuts will be made or if employees will the option of moving, but for many of them it's not just a sad time but a difficult time as well.

MetroGroup does have a marketing service in Lincoln, but the company did not say if that office will be affected by the changes.

Charlie Schumacher of the Seward Chamber of Commerces says they will do everything in their power to help people through this difficult time.