Milford hosting tourney for Beaver Crossing Baseball

By: Bill Schammert

Baseball fields are a landmark in many small Nebraska towns. Unfortunately, in Beaver Crossing, that landmark is all but destroyed. Now the teams Beaver Crossing has been facing all these years, are doing their part to help the city’s youth squads become whole again.

Saturday, May 31st, the town of Milford will host the Beaver Crossing Benefit Tournament for teams 12 & Under, and 10 & Under.

When asked how the idea came about, one of the tournament’s organizers, Tamara Kenning, said it was their goal to use baseball as a way to give families a sense of normalcy.

“There’s nothing more normal than having a ball and a bat,” she said. 

Donations have come from towns and businesses all around – they include gift certificates, a grill, helmets, uniforms, hot dogs, hamburgers and many other things.

“It’s nice to know everyone is thinking about us,” Lynn Schernikau said. “They care about us and we’ll be able to play again here someday.”

Schernikau lives just about 100 yards from the field and has three kids used to spending their summers at the Beaver Crossing Park. Now, the stands are destroyed, the fencing broken and the outfield is used as a place to dump debris. But Saturday, it’s back to America’s favorite past-time.

“To get out and just do something normal,” she said. “For a night, we can put away all the mess and just have fun at the ball park.”

A broken field, but an unbroken spirit for the baseball families of Beaver Crossing.

“It’s just one day to make everything seem okay,” Kenning said. “That’s what we’re trying to do, make it all okay.”

First pitch is at 9:00 a.m., Saturday in Milford. If you can’t make it, you can still help fund the program, just click here.