Military Marathon For His Father

Running a marathon is not easy; imagine doing it in full military garb.

A Lincoln man will do it Sunday in Omaha.

Sergeant Brenton Duryea is looking for ways to offset his family's medical bills.

In June, Duryea's father underwent a heart transplant.

Duryea set up an account on

If he raised $4,000 he'd run the Omaha marathon in his army uniform and bullet proof vest.

Thursday, an anonymous donor donated $1,500, which helped Duryea hit his goal.

Sunday, he'll have to suit up.

Duryea says, “I saw a lot of other fundraiser's on there. A lot of other people running marathons, I just thought, people in general just like to watch other people suffer so I figured it was going to raise more money.”

If Duryea reaches five–thousand–500 by Sunday he'll also carry a 40 pound rusk sack on the 26.2 mile journey.

If you'd like to help him out, visit his website,