Millard South Seniors Graduate and Remember Dr. Kaspar

Thousands of high school seniors are celebrating their graduations today, but for those who were in school the day of January's shooting at Millard South High School…It's a time for celebration…and for remembering.

Class President, Kevin Knudson says “This year, when people would have understood if we had crumbled, we refuse to let four hours in January define our last four years at Millard south.”

Through tragedy…comes triumph. One by one Millard South's graduating seniors walked across the stage to accept their diplomas and move on to the next phase of their lives. Several speakers looked back on those days of going to pep rallies, getting to class on time, and making new friends. There's no doubt senior year can be full of surprises for anybody, but nothing could have prepared these students for the events of January 5th.

Speaker Hayley Solonynka says “lives were changed. One was ended. But our class rose. We rose up to the responsibility of honoring Dr. Kaspar and keeping the rest of the school strong and together.” That was the day Principal Curtis Case and Vice Principal Vicki Kaspar were gunned down by 17–year old Senior Robert Butler Jr. He later took his own life. Curtis case survived the shooting…but vicki kaspar died hours later.

For the graduating seniors, today was about looking back on their accomplishments, remembering Dr. Kaspar and of course, moving on. “They say after a storm comes a rainbow. And I think that the saying fits with our class. By standing together, we have proven that we are ready for graduation. We are ready to go out into the world and to make a difference.”

Despite such a horrific tragedy, Millard South students are no doubt keeping the spirit of Dr. Kaspar with them. And of course, we wish all seniors the very best.