Miracle baby is born after weeks of care

Posted By: Reid Kilmer

Doctors at an Omaha hospital have achieved something they’re calling a marvel of modern medicine.

They were able to save the life of a premature baby, after his mother suffered a stroke. She would not survive.

Now her legacy lives on through her son.

22–year–old Karla Perez of Waterloo, Neb. was pregnant with her second child in February, when she collapsed at her home.

Doctors at Methodist Women’s Hospital declared her brain dead. They were able to keep her alive until the first week of April, a total of 54 days.

Dozens of doctors worked on mom and the baby and delivered Angel via c–section on April 4th at 7 and a half months.

This week, her doctors spoke to the media for the first time.

Andrew Robertson M.D. at Methodist Hospital said, “At times it was over 100 people taking care of her at any one time, we managed to get close to eight weeks, which is fairly impressive under the circumstances. The child seems to be doing well.”

Perez died two days after doctors delivered Angel.

His life was not the only one saved, Perez was an organ donor, she gave her kidneys, heart, and liver.

Doctors said when infants like Angel are born so early it can create certain health complications.

They will continue to monitor him for problems at this point he’s doing well.

This is only the 34th time in medical history a woman has been kept alive long enough to deliver a baby..