Missing Persons Music Tour

It's been seven years since a Lincoln woman vanished…and now a concert is looking to raise awareness for her and many others who go missing each year.

Gina Bos disapeared here in Lincoln back in 2000.

But this hasn't stopped her friends and family from ralling together to hold a traveling tour in her and other missing people's honor.

Regina Bos called Gina by her friends was playing at Dugan's Bar in downtown Lincoln on October 17th 2000 when she was never seen again.

Gina's sister Jannel Rap founded the Squeaky Wheel Tour which raises awareness of Gina and other missing people around the nation.

Rap says it's vital to keep reminding the public about those who go missing.

Rap's band the Clementines travels with the Squeaky Wheel Tour performing concerts every city they stop in.

Band member Dana Woods says when people attend the benefit concert here in Lincoln, they will feel an energy raidiating from the band.

Even though Gina Bos has yet to be found her family and friends have not given up hope and Rap says they never will.

The Squeaky Wheel Tour will be performing a free concert Tuesday night from 7 to 9 at the Meadowlark Coffee House and they encourage everyone to come and donate to the cause.