Mission’s toss boxes being misused

The People’s City Mission’s toss boxes have been around for a few years.  They allow people to drop donations off at several spots around town, where they’ll be picked up and taken to the mission’s help center.

But the organization said people have been treating them like trash dumps.

"Up until recently, we haven’t had any problems with them," said CEO Pastor Tom Barber.  "But just in the last four or five months we’ve begun to see some real changes in how people are using them."

That includes not just throwing garbage in and around the toss boxes, but also throwing mattresses and other furniture near them–items very difficult for their crews to pick up.

"The other thing is sometimes people have sacks of clothing and they just lay them on the ground and the boxes aren’t even full," Barber said.  "And so, what happens it looks really junky."

That’s a source of grief for the stores that allow the boxes.  Hy-Vee and Super Saver said they’ve had issues with dumped items piling up and Sam’s Club recently asked the mission to remove the boxes from their parking lot.

Pastor Tom said if they lose any other toss box locations, they’ll start to lose their ability to help those in need.

"It will have an impact on those struggling in poverty right now in the city if we have to reduce the amount of items that we’re collecting," he said.

He said the mission is thankful to be in such a supportive community and asks donors to make sure you put items in the boxes.  If you want to donate furniture, to please take it to their Help Center at 68th and P streets.