Missouri River floods Highway 2 near Nebraska City

Businesses in Nebraska City are preparing for a major artery into town to shut down as the Missouri River continues to rise.

Highway 2 was shut down during the 1993 flood.  This time, the flooding is expected to be worse, last longer and could displace hundreds of workers.

About 300 to 400 people who work in Nebraska City travel that highway everyday.  Many more Iowa residents use it to frequent shops  and businesses like Kathy Spittler's.  Kathy owns a salon called Ultimate Cut says, “I have a lot of business that comes from Iowa and Missouri, both.  So it would probably be a big hold in the business.”

The rising waters have already closed down one lane of eastbound traffic and there's a new concern.  A lake on the other side of the road is encroaching on westbound traffic.

Some fear closure of Highway 2 is inevitable.  Otoe County Emergency Management is preparing for the worst. Chief Deputy Director Steve Cody says it just depends on how fast the river rises.  “There are so many unknowns right now.”

With more storms headed their way, they're keeping a close eye on the railroad tracks that lead to the coal plant in Brownsville and making sure Nebraska City's waste water treatment plant that sits along the river, isn't taken down by the Mighty Mo.