Mock Rescue

It's got to be one of the worst car crashes in Lancaster county history. Cars piled on cars, people caught inside and firefighters left to figure out a plan of action.

“It feels just like a real call the adrenaline's pumping, everybody's clicking, it's really neat, ” said Raymond firefighter Josh Bennett.

 It's a 3 day training course where 32 firefighters from around the county come together to work on these types of scenarios

Assistant Chief Adam Powers says, “it gives them a chance to work together, use a lot of different tools, hand tools, hydraulics, ropes, cable wenches a lot of different equipment you know you just don't see everyday.”

Experts from across the country came in to help the combination of career, volunteer and military firefighters hone their skills. The first day of training was in a classroom setting, listening to local trauma doctors about the repercussions of firefighter movement out in the field.

Saturday and Sunday they sent them out to show off their knew found knowledge, utilize past training and most importantly, tune them in to their instincts.

“We're definitely much more prepared than we were. I mean we train on this constantly anyway but to have these people come in from the east coast that do this hundreds and hundreds of times a year and teach us a lot of really new neat tricks, “Bennett said.