Monday kicks off National Salvation Army Week

A concert was held to promote National Salvation Army Week, and also to help re–stock the food pantry before school is out for summer.

2018 will be the salvation army’s 153rd year of giving aid to those in need around the globe.

In an effort to promote the special week and help stock their food shelves, Lincoln’s salvation army held a musical recital.

The recital was  put on by the shield fine arts academy.

The month of may is a critical time to collect food before school is out for summer.

"We’ve kind of depleted all of the food that we got through Christmas and a little bit following. And now with school coming to a close the families are going to need more food while the children are at home so we are looking for people to make food donations to stock our food pantry," said Major Susan Anderson.

Lincoln’s salvation army helps between 25 and 30 families a day who are struggling to put food on the table.

Across the country, over 43 million Americans live in poverty, and millions more live near the poverty line.

Major Susan Anderson says this isn’t the only event planned for the special week ahead.

"This coming Wednesday we are having a woman’s resource fair here at 2625 Potter street. All women are invited to come through. We will have door prizes and some snack foods and some resources to help parents deal with the situations that they face in life."

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