Monster Jam surprises a young fan, makes his dream come true

If six-year-old Tristen Allen could have one thing in the world, it would be tickets to his first ever Monster Jam event.

On Friday night, his wish came true, plus some more surprises along the way.

In late January of 2018, a social media video of Tristen Allen’s priceless and tearful reaction upon receiving tickets to Monster Jam in Lincoln went viral and was widely shared.

Monster Jam Tour Manager Mike Kravec saw the touching video and immediately reached out to the Allen family to invite Tristen to a big surprise… Little did he know, he would be meeting the entire team as an honored guest.

"I actually told him that we were picking up tickets for the show tomorrow but he didn’t know anything about what was happening today. He just thought that we were going to the show tomorrow so this is a total, huge surprise," said Holly Allen, Tristen’s mother.

The Allen family was able to watch practice and hang out with Tristen’s favorite truck driver, Brandon Vinson, who drives the Grave Digger.

"We got you tickets tonight for the show so you can watch us perform tonight also. And tomorrow. So you get to chill with us tonight and watch the show, what do you think about that," said Vinson.

Tristen and his family moved from Alaska to South Dakota recently.

There is no Monster Jam in Alaska, so this is his first opportunity to go.

Monster Jam has three shows this weekend.

One Friday night and two on Saturday at 2 and 7:30pm.

Tristen’s Mom Holly knows her son will cherish this memory forever.

"He tells me all the time that he hopes that Santa Claus next year will get him monster truck tickets so this is something that he is going to remember forever and I don’t think I will be able to top it," said Allen.

Tickets for the two shows tomorrows are still available, starting at $15 each. For more information head to