Montana Oil Spill Raises Concerns

Many Nebraskans are watching the oil spill in Montana closely.

Especially as TransCanada continues to pursue an oil pipeline through the state.

Friday's leak sent about 42,000 gallons gushing into the Yellowstone river. The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would be nine times bigger than the one in Montana, carrying 500,000 barrels of oil every day from Canada to Texas, passing through Nebraska.

Some fear a pipeline that would go over the state's aquifer, could do the same damage. Transcanda says there is no need to worry. Transcanada Representative Jeff Raugh says, “time after time again, these reviews continue to find that keystone will have safety designed into the pipeline and built into the pipeline that exceeds that in any other standard pipeline built and operated to date.”

Nebraska Sierra Club Policy Advocate Ken Winston says, “the pipeline is going to cross the Platte river and downstream of the Platte river is the water supply for Lincoln and Omaha.  That's water for half the population of the state.”

A decision on whether TransCanada can build an oil pipeline through Nebraska is expected by the end of the year.