Moos confirms game with alternate uniforms

KLKN Sports Staff

LINCOLN, Neb. – Athletic Director Bill Moos confirmed on Thursday that Nebraska will play a game with alternate uniforms in November. The game he hinted at would be around Veteran’s Day. The Huskers take on Illinois on November 10. 

Moos reiterated though that the tradition of the Nebraska uniform is important, however he is OK with another option.

Other notes from Thursday’s press:

-Moos wants to be apart of the College Football Playoff committee. 

-He called the Big Ten the best conference in college football top to bottom. 

-Moos wants to make sure that football doesn’t become like free agency in the NBA. He doesn’t want transfers to move so quickly. 

-Moos said, "To be the best, you have to play the best" when talking about playing Michigan for four years in a row from 2022-2025.

-Tunnel Walk will have changes on Saturday, according to Moos.