More Lincoln police at schools in wake of shooting

By: Ashley Harding

No doubt the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut may have some parents here in Lincoln feeling nervous. As a result, Lincoln police are taking some important measures to keep sure your children safe. 
Parents and families across the nation continue to grieve for the Newtown, Connecticut shooting victims. Those feelings still echo here in Lincoln. But along with that sorrow comes a natural fear for some Lincoln parents, like Ted Reinwald.
“I think in Lincoln, people feel that we're pretty okay–like that wouldn't happen here. But it can happen anywhere,” said Reinwald.
That's why you may have noticed a few more police cars near Lincoln public schools. Chief Jim Peschong says his plan is to have more officers ready as a precaution in wake of the tragedy. 
He says it's important for parents and kids to feel safe in the classroom.
“I also want to reinforce to anyone, who may consider doing any kind of copycat offense similar to what happened out in Connecticut, that will not take place in Lincoln,” said Chief Peschong.
Lincoln police say parents also need to sit down with their kids to reassure them that school is still a safe place to be. They also say if a student has a concern about safety, they need to know they can talk to a trusted adult. For some parents, knowing the added protection is there at a difficult time makes a world of difference, especially for little ones.

“Kids know from a young age that having police officers around means that the area is safe. I think it's a good transitional thing for the kids,” said Reinwald.
Police say the extra security is expected to last for a while, as needed. Again, they say any safety concerns need to be handed over to police right away.