More mosquitoes, even during drought

Posted By:  Sabrina Ahmed

In this time without enough rain, people are watering their yards more… which can lead to mosquitoes.

“Mosquitoes actually can be a problem, even when it's dry.”

So far this year, there have been two confirmed cases of West Nile virus in humans, both older adults..—and the season is just starting.

State officials have also found about five percent of all the mosquito pools they tested had West Nile—and the peak of the season isn't until Labor Day.

When you irrigate or water your lawn, puddles form.  The type of mosquito that passes along the west nile virus only lays eggs in this standing water.. Like we found in an old lid by the garage.

For about 80 percent of the population, getting west nile isn't that big of a deal—you might get a headache or have flu–like symptoms for a few days, but nothing life threatening.

However, for the elderly and people who have weak immune systems…

“They can have a serious reactions to the virus.”

But even if you're young, you shouldn't take this lightly.

“The problem is you can't predict what your reaction's going to be.  And just because you're younger doesn't mean you might not have a serious reaction,” says Barb Ogg, UNL Extension.

Mosquitos with the virus are usually the most dangerous just after dark.. And for a few hours.

If you're not wearing repellant and long sleeves, avoiding being outside is best during this time. You also want to make sure you have screens on all your windows so they can't get inside.   If you have kiddy pools, old tires or bird baths, it helps to empty those every few days.  That gets rid of other areas where mosquitos breed.