More people buckling up when on the road

If you're out driving on Lincoln's streets you might see some extra enforcement but it's all in hopes of raising more awareness about buckling up.

Watch you're speed and buckle up is the message Lincoln Police officers are sending to local motorists.  The Click It or Ticket campaign started this week with officers concentrating on areas with high injury accident rates.

The national campaign reports about 84% of motorists wear their seat belts, which is an all time high.  But here in Lincoln, police still want to increase that number to 90%.

“It gives us the opportunity to educate the people and talk with them face to face and remind them about the importance of wearing their seatbelt and those who end up getting a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt may make a decision to start buckling up,” says Officer Cohan Schafer.

Receiving a seat belt violation is a secondary offense meaning police must first stop you for speeding or another violation before ticketing you for not buckling up.

The Click It or Ticket It campaign kicked off Monday throughout the country and will run through June 6th.

Lincoln police received funding through the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety to fund additional officers out on the streets.