More Scheels Guns Found

More guns that were stolen from a Lincoln Scheels store have been found.

Lincoln police say three .45 caliber handguns were found in Phoenix, Arizona recently.

Authorities there found them while two dangerous crimes were being committed.

So far, 8 of the stolen guns from Scheels have turned up in Phoenix.

These guns were located while a crime was taking place, and that's something Chief Tom Casady predicted months ago.

It's been almost 4-months since 82-guns were taken from Scheel's in south Lincoln.

So far 38 of those guns have been recovered, 30 of them were found at a Lincoln apartment, the day after they were stolen.

Currently all four suspects associated with the burglary are behind bars awaiting trial.

Since last November, 8 guns have been recovered in Phoenix.  

Most recently, some were found during a car-jacking while another was found during a kidnapping.

Casady said after an armed car-jacking,  Phoenix police found two suspects along with 2 guns inside the stolen vehicle, a few days later a person was kidnapped and held for ransom.

His kidnappers threatened to cut off his hands if his friends didn't pay up.

Later on police found the kidnappers and recovered the gun.

Chief Casady says he didn't expect this many guns to be found outside of Nebraska.

Lincoln police have been working with Phoenix police since the first gun was found there back in November, and they're trying to figure out the exact connection between Lincoln and Phoenix.

We did contact Scheel's and they had no comment on the story.