More Storms Possible This Weekend

Clean-up continues in the town of Hallam after last weekend's tornado. But now the town is forced to take some precautions, because the National Weather Service says more storms could be headed to the area this weekend… Producing hail, strong winds and possible tornados. Just one week after Hallam was devestated by an F-4 tornado… But the residents are prepared and ready. Residents say, “I think it starts to settle in and you start to get out of your shock, and really start to look at how much is gone.” Satuarty and his wife weren't home last Saturday…but when they did get home they found their home and town in ruins. And just as clean-up is underway Mother Nature could be gearing up for round two. But it won't be the first time this week, residents have taken cover..this time they're ready.  “We had some severe weather on Monday, and knowing that there weren't a lot of places for…if we we did get that.”  From the rubble, rescue workers have identified three storm shelters…one of them being the town's bank. They're structurally sound…and will be utilized in the event of a storm. Because for the folks of Hallam, not even a storm will cause them to give up on the place they've called home. “Most people have grown up around here…and I think they'll come back.”  It also looks as if parts of Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri could be under the gun for severe weather this weekend as well.