More than $110,000 raised for Friendship Home

Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

Whether they were knocking on doors or making donations, so many in the Lincoln community helped the Friendship Home save lives today.

1500 dedicated volunteers took to Lincoln’s streets gathering donations for the Friendship Home, a shelter and resource center for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The annual event, Safe Quarters raised more than $110,000 Sunday.

"We know at Friendship Home that domestic violence affects everyone in the community,” Volunteer and Friendship Home employee Amy Vajgart said. “And so the way we set up Safe Quarters is that we go to every precinct across the map. Go to every house in the city of Lincoln because we feel it’s really important to support victims of domestic violence."

Vajgart works at the Friendship Home and she and her family have volunteered with Safe Quarters every year.

She said that every dollar donated helps make a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault safe again.

"Everybody who lives in a home in our community should feel safe and respected and knowing what I know every day going to work I know that’s not the case so myself, my family, friends and neighbors all get together every year and we canvas our neighborhood,” Vajgart said.

This is a message that resonated with volunteers of all ages.

River Baldwin and his family have made this event a tradition.

"We pretty much do it every year, me and my family just want to help people that were in abuse, so we just wanted to help them,” Baldwin said. “We got about 800 dollars!"

Erin Lenz, one of the event’s organizers says the awareness this event brings is just as important as the money they raise.

"When I started working there I remember I asked the question: how many open bedrooms do we have and when I found out there were zero open bedrooms and we actually had a wait list of about 35 people,” Lenz said. “That’s what really kinda tugged at my heart strings because you don’t think domestic violence is that prevalent in our community but in reality we have at least about 45 people on our waiting list per day.”

Lenz said it takes just ten dollars to provide food and shelter to a survivor for one night.

It’s not too late for you to help make that happen.

Head to the Friendship Home’s website to make a donation at any time.