More than one thousand Lincoln residents without power

Posted by: Kelsey Murphy

UPDATE: 10:00 p.m.

Lincoln Electric System says close to 1,400 residents lost power in just one and a half hours Sunday night. Reporting outages in the area of 56th and Van Dorn, 40th and Sheridan, 51st and Randolph, and 1st to 20th street from Pawnee to Rose

Traffic signals near those areas were out as well.

The damage didn’t stop there; trees all around town were down causing damage. Some even blocking road ways. One, near 2300 block of Wildwood Place, cracked down the center and landed on a car parked in the street.

Neighbors saw the whole thing happen.

"I heard the crack, it sounded like lightening and I saw it go down," says Lily Casper, neighbor.

It’s the second tree on that same street to fall on top of a parked car.

Lincoln electric system is working to get power up and running.

Intense rainfall Sunday night as well, as much as 5.25 inches being recorded over at 48th and A Street.

UPDATE: 7:30 p.m.

LES reports the outage in the area of 1st to 20th Street from Pawnee to Rose has been fixed. Those customers now have power.

LES reports three additional outages:

1. In the area of 56th and Van Dorn affecting 163 customers.
2. In the area of 40th and Sheridan affecting 11 customers.
3. In the area of 51st and Randolph affecting 73 customers.

If storm continues to knock out power, additional crews will be called in to work.


Around 6:20 p.m. Lincoln Electric reported 1,136 customers without power. The entire area of 1st to 20th Street from Pawnee to Rose is without power, this includes traffic signals. LES believes high winds are the cause. They are working in the outages currently.