Morley students see renovations before school starts

Before students at Lincoln Public Schools go back to class on Wednesday, some schools opened their doors to students a little early.

Students like 5th grader Mitch Wurm are back at Morley Elementary after being at Abbott Sports Complex last year during renovations.  “The classrooms were a lot smaller, so we were all cramped in there.”

Now Morley's 511 students will be cramped no more.  Many stopped by Monday night to see the new changes for the first time and meet their teachers.

First grade and kindergarten classrooms are new.

Another improvement is indoor air quality; the building was built back in the 1960s and didn't have a good central heating and cooling system.  Parents like Sue Wurm say the updates will improve learning in the classroom.  “When you can have warm air and cool air not have to worry about your atmosphere, you can focus solely on learning.”

Sue has done her part making improvements; she helped create a new courtyard and outdoor classroom.  “July 31st it was a construction zone.  We've transformed it with volunteers and donations and a lot of hard work.”

It was community effort she says will help students start off on the right path for the upcoming year.  Mitch says, “I like the waterfall.  It's probably my favorite.”

A reminder to everyone in the community, watch out for students in cross walks and obey speed limit signs in school zones.