Mother Arrested in Son’s Death

Some disturbing new information in the death of a 22-month old Lincoln toddler. According to Lincoln Police documents, the boy's mother is accused of leaving him alone with no food for 2 days while she ran around with friends and smoked meth. On Wednesday, the mother was in court.

Autopsy results show Christian Reifler died of electrocution. However, court documents indicate he was also basically starving to death after being left alone for 2 days. His mother, 22 year old Brandi Blair was arrested on two counts of felony child abuse. She appeared in court Wednesday.

According to court documents Christian was found dead in a second floor bedroom. Near the body was an electrical outlet, and there appeared to be burns on both of the child's hands indicating he had been electrocuted. Police interviewed Brandi and her roommates. Police found out she had not been home in 2 days and the roommates weren't asked to look after the child. Investigators say Brandi spent most of the next 2 days visiting friends and also admitted smoking meth during that time.