Mother shares last voicemail after son dies in Afghanistan

An Omaha family is grieving the loss of their son, killed in Afghanistan.

Specialist Edwin Wood died Monday from an IED and now his mother is remembering her son and sharing his last voicemail with us.

Most people knew him as Eddie.  His mom says he was a kid who loved the 4th of July and grew up to be a soldier to defend the reason why we celebrate it.

A devastated Janis Boehmer has the last phone message she'll ever receive from her son.  He called her the day before he died, but she missed it.  He says, “hey Mom, just letting you know that I'm doing okay.  Give Jordan a call let her know what's going on.  Tell her I say 'hey' and I miss her and I'll talk to her whenever I get my phone.  Love you guys.  Bye.”

Janis says, “Last time I heard from him. The next day he died.”

18–year–old Eddie was killed by an IED.  It was his first day back in Afghanistan after visiting his parents.

As a Specialist 2 in the Army, he started out as a scout, searching for roadside bombs.  That job had his mom in a constant state of worry, but just recently he was promoted to driver.  He talked about that in his voicemail.  “We had a little awards ceremony and I also got bumped up to a driver.”

Janis says, “when they moved him to driver, I thought he'd be safer.  No, he wasn't safer, not at all.”  Now she's no longer worrying, but dealing with the loss of her son.  “You pray and pray and that was one of the things I said.  My prayers weren't answered; he's not safe.”

One other soldier was also killed after the truck hit the IED and several others were injured.

Woods' father is currently in Delaware awaiting the arrival of his son's body.

The funeral will be sometime next week.