Motivational Minute

By: Kali Nicole

All this hot, dry weather makes for great summer play-time, which is exactly what doctors recommend.

For Trevor and Tanner Torges, outside play-time is more than just that. “We have a whole lot of fun and we just think there's a lot of lessons to be learned and good family time to spend together. You get to talk and there's friendly competition against each other,” said Todd Yorges.

Great distractions for what experts say really counts, exercise. And even more importantly, exercise the entire family can do together, preferably for 60 minutes.

It's an hour sometimes hard to come by for a busy family with two working parents. It's an hour they say they prioritize, at least for the kids, knowing their health and happiness depends on it.

“We use a lot of other parents to help and then we try to return the favors, but really when you get down to it and you know how important your kids are to you, you just make it a priority in your life.”

The Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln helps us gather all of these healthy tips, we'll have a new one each Monday.