Motorcross Proposal Near Denton Killed

A proposal to bring motorcycle racing to a track near Denton came to a screeching halt Tuesday afternoon. Two weeks ago it appeared the Lancaster County Commission would give the go ahead for the racing permits. But after a wave of community feedback, they changed their views. It was a clean sweep, motorcyclists will have to find another track to hold races. A proposal from a track owner near Denton came to a halt.

Many people opposed to the races showed up at Tuesday's meeting. Among their concerns was the loud noises that the races would bring. The site of the track is also near the Audubon Spring Creek Prairie, an area people want to keep clear of noise. Track supporters claim the noise would not be as big of a problem as opponents claim.

After an 8 hour hearing two weeks ago, the commission appeared to be leaning towards approval of the racing permit. That's when neighbors took action. The turnaround was precipitated by hundreds of people getting involved and voicing their feelings about it.

Channel 8 Eyewitness News made attempts to get reaction from people who supported the track but our phone calls were not returned.