Motorcyclist Missionary Remembered

Friends of Ken Merchen say he was a man devoted to his family and also devoted to spreading Christianity through motorcycling. He loved people, loved to talk and loved the Lord. Merchen died Monday in a motorcycle accident near 84th and Cornhusker after he was hit by a truck making an illegal left turn.

Merchen was part of the Christian Motorcycle Association. His service took them around the country to preach to other bikers. Merchen and his other fellow motorcyclists led people into a life of Christianity. But beyond the missionary, Merchen was also a dedicated father to his two sons as well as being a loving grandparent. It's that love and service that is helping ease his friends pain. Merchen's friends aren't holding any bad feelings against the other driver. They say along with Merchen's family, she is in their prayers as well.