Mountain lion spotted in York near middle school

By: Sabrina Ahmed

Multiple people have seen mountain lions around the state, and now a sheriff says he saw one in York.

Sheriff Dale Radcliff was on a walk near his home in York just a few weeks ago, and that's when he spotted it.

“I said, look at the size of that cat, it was big. It was bigger than a German shepherd god,” said Sheriff Radcliff.

It was right next to a neighborhood, that the sheriff and his wife saw the mountain lion walk into the cornfield. It's the same cornfield that backs up to a middle school less than two blocks away.

This wasn't the only spotting. People in the area have reported these cats in the same spot other times, near the city pool right by the elementary school, and just west of town next to the bypass.

“That kind of worries us, you know we've got a lot of kids in the neighborhood,” said Sheriff Radcliff.

There are a few things you can do if you spot a mountain lion. Do not approach it. Make sure you leave space for the animal to escape. Stay calm, move slowly. Back away safely if you can. Don't turn your back to the lion and never run away.

Raise your arms and use a coat or backpack if you have one to appear larger. Pick up kids to stop them from running away. If you are attacked, fight back. Mountain Lions have successfully been driven off with bare hands. If there are rocks or other objects around, use them. If you fall, make sure to get up immediately.

None of these sightings are confirmed by Game and Parks. The department encourages you to call immediately if you think you've seen one so they can investigate further and confirm it.