National Friendship Day

By:  Sabrina Ahmed

These two have been friends for 71 years and say the secret to staying friends is not to take each other too seriously.

Nora Anderson and Shirley Maddox met when they were 10 and 11, next door neighbors in Aurora.

More than 70 years later, they've hung up their skates, and the two still joke around about their hostile relationship from day one…”the family couldn't handle it anymore—so we asked them to move.”

The women say they grew up and moved away. When they had kids, it was hard to stay in touch.  But when they did get together, they were still the same Shirley and Norma from Aurora.  “we always did, when we'd go out to lunch. We'd take off conversations like we saw each other the day before.”

Today, they live in the same retirement community, play bridge together, and spend time goofing off. They say they like that they always have fun when the other person is around.

Norma says friendships are hard, but if you have one like the two of these have, it's worth working toward.  “if you want it to happen, it will happen.”

Both Shirley's and Nora's husbands have passed away.  Today, they say its good they have each other, someone to rely on.  “I'm just happy she's here and I'm happy that I'm here for her too because you have to need someone and you have to have someone that needs you.”

These two women say they plan on staying friends forever.  It keeps them young and on their toes having someone who doesn't take the other too seriously.