National Guard Celebrates 374th Birthday

No birthday party would be complete without cake and even though there weren't 374 candles on it, it was still a fitting tribute to three centuries of service.

When devastating floods hit over the summer, General JonFago says the Nebraska National Guard was there.

“Being in the national guard is kind of that hometown feeling that citizen soldiers that everybody talks about,” Fago said.

Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy and Senator Bill Avery helped celebrate the National Guard's 374th birthday.

The first National Guard was formed in Massachusetts in 1636. They've been serving our country ever since, not just in Nebraska, but around the world.

“In this day and age we've become more operational everyday we, what we like to refer to as putting a face on the community when it comes to serving in the military. A lot of our soldiers and airmen have jobs everyday in the communities and then they also wear the uniform on the weekends and when they're called to duty”

Something Justin Zdan is preparing for. He joined the Army National Guard two years ago and he says he's excited to do his part.

“It's not easy. Everybody knows that when my number's called that I'm gonna have to go overseas like everyone else and do my time and I have to leave my family behind. They know what I'm doing they know what I'm trying to do. They know my life is going to be on the line,”zdan said.

Although Sunday was a celebration of service, those who won't be home for the holidays were not forgotten.

“There's gonna be a lot of fathers and mothers out there missing time with their families, but they're doing that important job that we've done every day for 374 years”