National Guardsman Takes Last Flight

It was an emotional day today for a Nebraska Vietnam veteran.

After 40 years, Steve Stone flew his last flight Tuesday for the Army National Guard.

Chief Warrant Officer Steve Stone is the last Nebraska Vietnam era aviator still flying helicopters for the Guard.

He's fought in both Vietnam and Desert Storm and logged more than 5400 flight hours, and Tuesday he was more than giving up his wings.

As the helicopter came closer to land…the memories of the past 40-years flickered through Chief Warrant Officer Steve Stone's head.

Memories like fighting in vietnam and desert storm, his first flight and of course his last, which he wasn't really ready to do.

Stone, who was also celebrating a birthday was doused in a few gallons of water as he jumped out of the plane.

It became emotional as fellow Amy National Guard members looked on, they are what he's liked best about the job.

And his wife says it was hard watching him hop out of the copter for the very last time.

But it's the people he's met and the bonds that he's formed that'll be the hardest to leave behind.

So now that he has some free time on his hands, Stone say's he's going to take a few vacations, celebrate his 40th anniversary with his wife, and spend time with his family.

But he says it'll be hard not to get back in a helicopter anytime soon.