National School Choice Week in Nebraska

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

National Choice Week is happening now, and it has reached all the way to Nebraska’s capitol. 

On Thursday a rally at the state capitol was filled with people from all walks of life, from students to lawmakers were there for National School Choice Week. 

"School choice has given me, the school that I have always dreamed of," said Maximo Gayton a student that was represented at the rally "and I believe that other kids or students who are in the same position as I am should also deserve the same benefits of school choice."

The goal of the event was to spotlight the desire for more educational options here in Nebraska. 

"I love public schools but I also know that all schools are not the best setting for all children," stated Clarice Jackson who was the rally organizer, "and so that’s why I stand here today, and I stand here every other year that we had school choice week and I will be here until the laws change so that all children get the opportunity to thrive in the setting that is best for them."

Governor Pete Ricketts was also on hand for the rally today airing his support for the rally. 

"We have got many great ways to do that, my kids for example went to public schools but also took advantage of catholic education and what we want to make sure is that every parent has that opportunity, they will choose the school that is right for their child."

One way Nebraska has started the movement for more opportunities, is a bill called the Opportunity Scholarships act.

Sen. Jim Smith of Papillion is the senator who is spearheading the movement for the Opportunity Scholarships act. 

"This is a great opportunity we have this year to have legislation on the floor of the legislature to be discussed to be debated and to be passed that brings education choice and competition in education to the forefront," said Sen. Smith. 

If passed, the bill would allow people to decide what school their personal property taxes would support.

The march was not to get rid of public schools but to allow parents to choose where their kids can go whether it be public or private schools.