National Special Olympics A Week Away

The games are just one week away.

Volunteers are working tirelessly to get Lincoln ready for the 2010 National Special Olympics.

We've watched the countdown tick by, now the games are seven days away, but there's still plenty of work ahead.

“We have to be ready for these athletes to be ready to start practicing next Sunday so we need to get all this equipment out so it just takes a lot of time to prepare it, ” says Sarah VanDalsem.

That's where several Nebraska Army National Guard members step in.

They've spent the last couple of days sorting through piles of equipment.

Thousands of signs, scoreboards, and other materials will begin shipping out to the games 14 sites later this week.

Specialist Alex Forbes is one Guard member who is more than happy to do his part.

“Special Olympics is something special for people and its and it's a big deal to go to so I figured it'd be something to help out with and be part of.”

While he works hard to prepare, the athletes, like Caleb Crippen are ready to kick things off too.

“I just don't know what to expect I may have to kind of like in terms of how the event will flow have to take it and just go with it and have some fun with it I guess.”

Tomorrow we'll one more sign the Special Olympics are getting closer.

The flame of hope which is the Special Olympics torch will cross into Omaha, before making its way into to town.