National Women’s Health Week

Next week is National Womens's Health Week, and Saint Elizabeth's hospital wants everyone to know how important it is for women to take a break, and focus on themselves for a change.  Thousands of women avoid mamograms every year, and many more can't find the time to have a routine physical. Doctor Julie Hammon works for the Southwest Family Medicine Center in Lincoln, and says for many women, not getting a yearly checkup is a matter of the heart.  Doctor Hammon recommends women take the upcoming week as an opportunity to get a couple of important tests– mamograms, which can find breast cancer, and bone density screenings, which can detect early signs of osteoporosis. Along with mammograms and bone density screenings, doctors at Saint Elizabeth's recommend that women also focus on getting regular exercise, quit smoking, and eating a balanced diet. If you would like more information on scheduling a checkup, you can contact them at 219-7323.