Natural Gas Prices Fall

Possibly some good news when is comes to your energy bill.

Black Hills Energy is stocking up on natural gas with prices they say are the lowest in 7 years.

Black Hills announced that wholesale prices for natural gas reached the lowest rate since 2002 and their taking advantage of the prices.

Black Hills Energy says if the price is right, you should stock up!

Natural Gas is at a 7 year low and the company says now is the time to buy.

Typically Black Hills begins buying natural gas for the next winter between May and October but when they saw the drop in prices they started locking in the low rate in January.

In fact it's a lot lower, the prices are 75 percent below the July 2008 rate, and while Black Hills is buying up the natural gas at a lower rate now.

It accounts for only a portion of the supply needed for the entire winter, so, the company is careful in saying how this will affect your check book.

“While those prices are lower now without knowing what the future dollars will be it's hard to predict how much lower they'll be next winter when the customers are actually paying those bills,” Bob McKeon of Black Hills Energy said. 

While some residents are happy natural gas prices have dropped, one customer says we need to look towards the future and be working to have alternative energy in the state.

“I think it's a good idea, but I would also like to see them pay more for the kilo-watts for the purchase and usage of wind generators maybe that would help get more wind generators in the state of Nebraska I think that would help all the way around,” Earl Russell Of Lincoln said. 

Again, these low prices the company is locking in won't affect the customer's bill until this winter.

They say they're hopeful residents will see a drop in their bill compared to this past winter when prices were a lot higher.