Navigating Lincoln’s next 3-lane roundabout

By: Cole miller

A roundabout in North Lincoln is close to opening and the city wants to make sure you know how to use it. Beginning Monday, one lane of the multi-lane 14th and Superior roundabout will open to traffic. Drivers have mixed feelings.

Dawn Mohler says, “We drive through here everyday and every morning and it just holds up traffic and I had no problem with the stoplight before.”

Others say they're excited to finally have the street back open and think the roundabout will work well.

Gerald Bickert says, “Well, I think it will. We just got to get used to it. If it's going to save accidents then it's worth it.”

And city officials say it should do just that. Devin Biesecker is an engineer with the city and says by following two basic rules – using your blinkers to exit and looking out for pedestrians – the roundabout will be safer.

Biesecker says, “As far as functioning like a roundabout, in a multi–lane roundabout you use the same rules that apply to any other roundabout.”

Drivers with concerns or questions about the roundabout are urged to attend an open house next Tuesday at Campbell Elementary from 5 to 7. Dawn Mohler says she too often sees people driving carelessly.

Mohler says, “Honestly, I would say we do need a little more information about it because the reason I don't care for them is because people don't use them properly. They kind of make their own rules where a stoplight, red means stop and people stop.”

The city says expect more roundabouts in the future. “A lot of big cities have got them and they're satisfactory. So, we might as well keep up with the big wheels,” says Biesecker.

On a side note: 14th street north of Superior will remain closed. The project should be finished in early august.