NE Air National Guard members in Libya

While it may seem miles away, the conflict in Libya feels closer to home after 20 members of the Nebraska Air National Guard were called overseas to join the fight last week.

They are the 155th Air Refueling Wing.  Assistant Adjutant General Daryl Bohac says the highly trained group had just 48 hours notice before they were in the air and headed overseas.  “You don't know if they are going to be called, you just know that they are going to be prepared and ready to go when they are called to serve.”

Their mission is part of Operation Odyssey Dawn and are supporting other aircraft enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya by flying air-to-air refueling missions.  Bohac says, “The reality is this mission can't happen without the tanker support, the kind of aircraft we fly here in Nebraska.”

Their presence is even more crucial as the conflict and the risk in Libya continue to escalate.  Bohac says it's all part of the job.  “When something happens in the world that the leadership of our country says we need to go do, we are trained to do just that.”