NE Men Rank High In Certain Cancers

Nebraska men rank high in both prostate and colorectal cancer deaths compared to other men living in rural states.

That's according to the recent “Nebraska Men's Health Scorecard'' developed by the state Department of Health and Human Services.

The scorecard plays off athletics, comparing health data between male populations living in the seven states that make up the Big 12 Conference.

With a mortality rate of 26 men per 100,000, Nebraska men die from prostate cancer more than other men in Big 12 states. Kansas, at 21.5, has the lowest rate.

Nebraska men have the worst record for colorectal screening in the Big 12. The death rate among Nebraska men for colon cancer is second highest, with 202 deaths in 2006.

Additionally, Nebraska men have the highest obesity and overweight percentages in the Big 12.