NE Small Schools

In June, the legislature overrode Governor Heineman's veto and approved a plan to merge smaller districts with larger ones. The move would close down more than 200 small schools, but on Monday, arguments were heard in court about the legality of the plan. A group of class one schools is asking for a temporary injunction to delay the legislatures plan from going into effect. Shortly after the legislature approved their plan, a group collected more than 87 thousand signatures, enough to get the plan put on next November's ballot. The group wants the entire state to vote on whether or not to get rid of class one schools. The problem is the school merging is supposed to take effect next June before the voters can voice their opinion. One interesting point being considered, is that the class one supporters got enough signatures to get a statewide vote, but they did not get the required amount to stop a legislative plan from going into effect.