Students gather at the Capitol for anti-tobacco rally

By: Jenn Schanz

Dozens of middle and high school students marched from
downtown to the State Capitol Wednesday with one thing to say: don't smoke!

It's all part of national “Kick Butts Day”, an event to raise awareness of big tobacco companies, and what the group says is
their strategic marketing toward young people.

“I just think it's really important that the youth
realize that the big tobacco companies are using different marketing practices
to target them,” says Molly Kincaid, one of the event organizers. 

Students from all over the state took part in the rally,
which was sponsored by No Limits, Nebraska's
youth–led anti–tobacco movement.

No only does the group want to minimize the impact of
cigarettes in Nebraska, they want to raise awareness on the dangers of all
tobacco products.

For Kearney High Junior Sheri Crosier, the message hits close to home.

“It's an important issue for me. My parents both smoke, and I see what effect it has on people and I just want teens like myself to be
aware of what it does,” says Crosier, who is also a No Limits youth board member. 

But the rally wasn't just to raise awareness for other
teens; No Limits also wants the attention of lawmakers.

“We know when tobacco tax goes up, people stop using
tobacco products. Especially, you folks, our youth. And that is where our focus
should be,” says Sen. Mike Gloor, who stopped by the rally. 

No Limits is an advocacy group- they don't take positions
on legislative measures, but instead focus on education and awareness.

Something they say, is a powerful defense against the
corporate tobacco world.

For more information on No Limits, check out their website: