Nearlyweds lose everything in fire

Posted By: Sarah Fili

"They moved everything in on Sunday and by Monday it was all gone," Brooke Carlson said.

Clothing and rubble litter the driveway between two homes near 48th and Calvert. Monday a fire erupted in the garage between the two, after some young boys playing in the garage accidentally ignited gasoline with a flint fire starter.

The three alarm blaze ripped through the homes, destroying nearly everything inside.

For one couple living in the home, it took everything they needed to begin their new life together.

"Pretty much everything  that they were going to use this weekend to get married is now gone,” Brooke Carlson, who also lived in one of the homes, said.

Cody and Benen had moved all their personal items, wedding decor and brand new wedding gifts into the basement the night before the fire. Now, their friends, who own the home they’re living in, are trying to help them start fresh.

"They’ll drop anything to help anyone, they’re super involved in the youth at their church, they’re both youth leaders and they work really closely with kids at Christ’s Place and so we love t heir hearts and we love how t here always giving back and now its our turn  to rally around them and give back to them,” Carlson said.

So far they say the outpouring of support has been overwhelming. But they have a long way to go: not only did they lose everything, both couples won’t be able to live in the home for around six months. The neighbors may never be able to move back in.

"We can’t live in our home, there’s too much fire damage and water damage, there’s already mold starting to grow in the basement, and so it’s really just been working with the adjuster to figure our how much damage there actually is and if our house is salvageable,” Carlson said.

Carlson was extremely positive despite watching her house burn, even during our discussion she said she and her husband have no ill will towards the boys and say they’re welcome in their home anytime. To help the Carlson family and the soon to be married couple, follow the links below.

Carlson Family:

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