NEB Football: Thursday Practice Report

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Speed is Key for Blackshirt Defense
Lincoln, Neb. – The Nebraska football team wrapped up another 2015 Fall Camp practice Thursday morning as the Huskers practiced outside on the Ed and Joyanne Gass practice fields for about two and a half hours. NU practiced in full pads again, as the Huskers continue to prepare for their Sept. 5 season opener against BYU.

Nebraska defensive coordinator Mark Banker met with the media following practice, mentioning the speed of the Blackshirt defense and the need for 11-man tackling.

"We have adequate speed,” Banker said. “The biggest thing about speed is reaction. One pass and then getting to the ball. When you’ve got everybody doing that you look fast and it appears that way to the other team. We want to appear fast by people racing and giving 100 percent effort to get to the ball with the correct angle. (We want to) get 11 people to the ball no matter where it is on every play. You’ve got a primary responsibility and then your ultimate responsibility is to get to the ball."

Banker went on to talk about defensive end Greg McMullen and his developing chemistry with fellow defensive end Jack Gangwish.

"The great thing about Greg McMullen and his past experiences is he’s seen a lot of different things from offenses so he knows more football,” Banker said. “Him and Jack Gangwish have started developing a chemistry where they communicate on opposite sides of the ball prior to the play whether it’s just an alignment, maybe pressure, but one end has contain, maybe the other one’s up and under, so they’re developing chemistry. Now they’re able to take a little bit more in and help each other and communicate with one another."

The Huskers will continue their 2015 Fall Camp Friday, check back to for practice coverage.

Practice Notes

  • "We got beat on four out of five deep balls. On defense that’s what we’re all about. There could be 73 plays in the game and you could be 100 percent for 72 and you make one mistake and that’s your day," Banker said.
  • Riley noted WRs Lane Hovey, Alonzo Moore and Jordan Westerkamp all returned to practice and are healthy.

Quote of the Day: Coach Riley on the status of sophomore wide receiver De’Mornay Pierson-El
"De’Mornay is out of the hospital and everything went well. Our goal is for him to return and play this year. I hesitate to say how soon because I don’t want to put anything on him. They initially said 6-8 (weeks) but it’s all biology. It’s one thing about being healed and another thing about being ready to play. The good news is that everything has gone well and we really believe he’s going to play a good portion of this season."