NEB WGYM: Nebraska Qualifies for 12th Super Six, Finishes Third at Semis

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*Nebraska has qualified for its 12th Super Six Finals and will compete tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. CT at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Mo.

*Nebraska’s Taylor Houchin is tied for first on vault with a 9.90. Individual NCAA champions are determined after Semifinal II. Nebraska had four gymnasts earn eight All-America honors.

*Media wishing to contact head coach Dan Kendig before or after tomorrow’s Super Six Finals should call or text Lorie Garnett at 209-993-1417 or email

Nebraska Qualifies for 12th Super Six, Finishes Third at Semis

ST. LOUIS – Behind a collaborative balance beam effort, Nebraska women’s gymnastics pulled off an incredible performance and qualified for its 12th Super Six on Friday, scoring an impressive 197.0125 and finishing in third place at the National Collegiate Semifinal I at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Mo.

No. 7 Nebraska is one of three teams which qualified to Super Six out of Semifinal I, alongside No. 2 LSU and No. 3 UCLA. UCLA finished first in Semifinal I with a final team score of 197.5625, while LSU finished second with a final team score of 197.475. Nebraska was the third qualifying team with a final team score of 197.0125. Georgia (196.6875), Alabama (196.625) and Arkansas (196.425) rounded out the Semifinal I competition.

Qualifying for Super Six takes care of unfinished business for Nebraska, who finished seventh in the nation last year. Nebraska finished fourth at their semifinal and posted a higher score than one qualifying team from the other semifinal in 2017. Nebraska’s best finish at the Super Six Finals is fourth. Nebraska’s 197.0125 is the fourth-best score all-time Nebraska has posted at the Semifinals, and the third best score all-time in a Super Six qualifying year. No current Nebraska gymnast has ever competed in the Super Six Finals.

Nebraska sophomore Taylor Houchin sits tied first on vault, scoring a 9.90. The outcome of Semifinal II will determine NCAA individual champions. Additionally, four Huskers earned eight All-American honors on the day. First team All-America is awarded to the top four placements in each event from each session, while places fifth through eighth garner second-team All-America honors. Houchin earned first-team All-America honors on vault, and second team honors on balance beam when she finished tied fifth with a 9.8875.

Rotation One

Nebraska began the national semifinal on a bye before bars.

Arkansas also began the meet on a bye. UCLA opened the meet on vault, scoring a team score of 49.1875, with no gymnasts scoring over 9.85 in the event. Alabama opened on uneven parallel bars and scored a 49.1625, also with no gymnasts scoring over 9.85 in the event. On beam, LSU suffered a fall but dropped the score, and led all teams after one rotation with a 49.225. Tiger Sarah Finnegan scored 9.90 in the event, one of just two 9.90s of the first rotation. Georgia’s Sabrina Vega hit the other 9.90 on floor, helping UGA to a team score of 49.0125 in the event.

Rotation Two

Nebraska saw action in the second rotation on uneven parallel bars and got off to a solid start. Danielle Breen, the NCAA Elite 90 Award winner, saw her first hit routine on bars of the season, scoring a season-high 9.80. Kynsee Roby added a respectable 9.775, while Schweihofer tabbed a 9.80 of her own to help the Huskers. Abbie Epperson hit her routine and moved things along for the Huskers when she scored a 9.8125. Taylor Houchin kept the bars momentum rolling when she scored a 9.875 before Sienna Crouse rounded out the Husker lineup with a 9.675 after recovering an overshot handstand. Nebraska took a 49.0625 team score into the third rotation.

UCLA had a bye and maintained their running team score of 49.1875. LSU also had a bye and maintained their running team score of 49.225. Alabama moved to the balance beam where they scored a 49.075, for a running score of 98.2375. Georgia scored 49.125 on vault to score 98.1375 and sat in second after two rotations. On floor, Arkansas scored 49.125 to round out the second rotation.

Rotation Three

Nebraska tied their season-high team score on beam with a 49.375, living up to its reputation for posting clutch beam performances. Roby hit the first beam routine of the day, scoring an impressive 9.8375 in the event. Crouse followed, raising the bar and hitting a career-high 9.875 with her beam routine. Nebraska is known for their calculated, cool beam routines and did not disappoint today, as Schweihofer continued the success, posting a 9.875. Houchin maintained the momentum and scored a 9.8875 to raise expectations for the Huskers. Breen scored a 9.85 on beam before Grace Williams rounded out the beam lineup with a 9.8875. Nebraska tied their season-high on beam with a 49.375 team score.

Alabama had a bye and maintained their running score of 98.2375, and Georgia had a bye, maintaining a 98.1375. LSU led with 98.625 after posting a 49.400 on floor, while UCLA sat in second with a 98.5625. Nebraska’s beam propelled them into third place with a 98.4375. Alabama sat in fourth with their 98.2375, Georgia sat in fifth with a 98.1375, and Arkansas rounded out Semifinal I with a 97.8750 after scoring a 48.75 on vault.

Rotation Four

Nebraska had a bye and maintained its running score of 98.4375.

Arkansas also had a bye and maintained its running score of 97.8750. UCLA sat in first with a 148.100 after scoring 49.5375 on beam, while LSU in second with 147.975 after scoring 49.350 on vault. Alabama sat in third with a 147.4875 after scoring 49.250 on floor, while Georgia had 147.460 after scoring 49.3125 on bars.

Rotation Five

Epperson set Nebraska off on a great start on floor, hitting a solid 9.80 to help the Huskers early in the rotation. Despite having a great day through two events, Roby missed her last pass on her floor routine and scored 9.3125, second in the Husker lineup. Catelyn Orel, known for her energetic and charismatic floor routines, hit her routine solidly and posted a 9.8625 to get Nebraska back on track. Grace Williams brough swagger and energy and hit her bold floor routine, scoring a season-high 9.8875. Crouse, Nebraska’s fierce competitor, hit the team’s first 9.90 of the day on floor. It came down to Schweihofer to deliver a near-perfect routine so the Huskers could drop Roby’s score, and like she has consistently done all season, Schweihofer hit a 9.8875 to help Nebraska to a 49.375, projected to keep the Huskers in third place heading into the final rotation.

Georgia finished their performances with a final score of 196.6875 after scoring 49.3125 on beam, while Alabama also finished right behind with 196.625 after scoring 49.1375 on vault. UCLA had a bye and maintained its 148.100, while LSU had a bye and maintained their score of 147.975. The Huskers held 147.775 heading into the final rotation while Arkansas took 147.1625 into the last chance to qualify for the Super Six.

Rotation Six

Nebraska only needed a team score of 48.925 to qualify for the Super Six for the first time in four years, and exceeded that with a final team score of 49.2375. Roby was looking for a chance to help the Huskers after missing a pass on her floor routine, and did just that when she hit a respectable 9.80 to start the Huskers off on vault. Williams, who did not compete on vault at the Raleigh Regional, maintained the high energy, stuck her landing and scored a 9.80 of her own. Epperson hit a competitive 9.8125 to raise the bar for Nebraska before Schweihofer hit a 9.85, setting the stage perfectly for renowned vaulters Crouse and Houchin to hit their explosive and technical vaults. Crouse lived up to her vaulting reputation and scored a 9.875 before Houchin sealed the third place team-finish for the Huskers with a 9.90, officially sending Nebraska to its 12th Super Six. Houchin is tied for first place on vault, and the outcome of Semifinal II will determine her final placement in the event.

In the all-around, Schweihofer had the highest finish by a Cornhusker in seventh, earning second team All-America status with a score of 49.4125. Crouse finished ninth with a 39.325.

Additionally, the Nebraska men’s gymnastics team qualified for its team national finals as well. The last time both the men and women’s gymnastics team both qualified for the national finals was in 1999.


T1. Sydney Snead, Georgia 9.90

T1. Taylor Houchin, Nebraska 9.90

T3. Juliana Cannamela, LSU 9.8875

T3. Kennedi Edney, LSU, 9.8875

T5. Brai Speed, Arkansas 9.875

T5. Myia Hambrick, LSU 9.875

T5. Sienna Crouse, Nebraska 9.875

8.Rachel Dickson, Georgia, 9.8625

Uneven Bars

1.Kyla Ross, UCLA 9.95

2.Kennedi Edney, LSU 9.9375

T3. Marissa Oakley, Georgia 9.9125

T3. Rachel Dickson, Georgia 9.9125

T3. Lexie Priessman, LSU 9.915

6. Ruby Harrold, LSU 9.90

T7. Amanda Wellick, Arkansas 9.8875

T7. Sarah Finnegan, LSU 9.8875

Balance Beam

1.Peng-Peng Lee, UCLA 9.9875

2.Kyla Ross, UCLA 9.95

3. Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA 9.925

4. Sarah Finnegan, LSU 9.90

T5. Hailey Garner, Arkansas 9.8875

T5. Sydney Snead, Georgia 9.8875

T5. Taylor Houchin, Nebraska 9.8875

T5. Grace Williams, Nebraska 9.8875

Floor Exercise

1.Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA 9.9625

2.Myia Hambrick, LSU 9.95

T3. Sabrina Vega, Georgia 9.90

T3. Kennedi Edney, LSU 9.90

T3. Sienna Crouse, Nebraska 9.90

T6. Christina Desiderio, LSU 9.8875

T6. Grace Williams, Nebraska 9.8875

T6. Megan Schweihofer, Nebraska 9.8875

T6. Kyla Ross, UCLA 9.8875

1. Kyla Ross, UCLA, 39.6375

2.Myia Hambrick, LSU 39.5375

3.Kennedi Edney, LSU 39.5250

4.Sarah Finnegan, LSU 39.500

5. Sydney Snead, Georgia 49.4875

6. Rachel Dickson, Georgia 39.4750

7. Megan Schweihofer, Nebraska 39.4125

8. Amanda Wellick, Arkansas 39. 400