Nebraska Air National Guard gives back on Armed Forces Day

The Nebraska Air National Guard lent a hand to Habitat for Humanity on the day meant to honor the hard work they already do for the country.

The third Saturday in May is Armed Forces Day, a time to say thanks to men and women in uniform.

This year, some of those people accepted our appreciation by getting to work.  About 20 Nebraska Air National Guardsmen teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to lend a hand for a family in need.

Staff Sergeant Daniel Williams says, “I'm just amazed at how quickly they can get together and work.  We've gotten together like we've been doing this for weeks months or even years.”

They helped build scaffolding, move plywood, construct part of the roof and did some of the heavy lifting.

Senior Master Sergeant Douglas Schulz has done charity work throughout his 30 years with the Guard but this is his first project with Habitat For Humanity.  “I enjoy volunteering.  To me, helping out people that are in need is just a normal part of being a good citizen in the community.”

At a time when many stop to pay tribute to them for Armed Forces Day, Williams says he appreciates the honor, but that, “this weekend, just like any other, is an opportunity to give back and whether you are honoring us or the men and women before us, it still doesn't change that we are volunteers by nature.”

Habitat for Humanity says this was a great group of volunteers and hopes they come back in the future.