Nebraska alternative energy options

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Swapping out one tank for another could save you money, help the environment, and boost the economy.

A company called Zebulon innovations is working with two Nebraska businesses to promote alternative fuels.

"We are using our own natural resources to power our vehicles," Terress Farnham, New Business Development Manager, said.

Otte Oil and C.A.F.E are working to make propane gas and natural gas more accessible in Nebraska.

The idea is to use a conversion system that will adapt a vehicle to the alternative fuel, and reduce green house emissions.

"People are always wondering about what we can do about making our air cleaner, well this is definitely a way," Leonard Hernoud, Century Town Inc. Owner, said.

The conversion process can range anywhere from $4,500 to $9,000. But, company officials say the conversion continues to pay for itself. Switching to propane means cheaper re–fills. Right now, it’s estimated around $1 per gallon.

It requires less vehicle maintenance, and last January the Nebraska Energy Office started offering qualified vehicles $4,500 to make the switch.

"It’s phenomenal, we save so much money on fuel every year that they just love it," Hernoud, said.

While the change mostly benefits businesses with fleet vehicles, it is available for personal vehicles as well.